Monday, December 1, 2008

The Sun

I'll never burn bright next to someone else
I'll just snuff my flame and dissipate myself
Cause it's obvious you'd love to see me alone

I'll be the white dwarf in the Northern sky
Alone with no black hole neighbor to watch me die
I will dully glow in this house with not one window

I don't care how harsh I may sound
It's not like I'm saying something profound
I just know that you don't like me, with her

But god damn it, can't you be a better friend
I supported you, even though I didn't like him
Couldn't you do the same for me, and her

I just can't help the way I feel
It's not my fault I finally found someone real
Someone I feel like I can actually be with

Jealousy can play a wicked game
But don't get mad and tag me to blame
I hate to see this all go down hill from here

Let me end this on a better note
I still love you even if you'd slit my throat
Please just let what happens, happen

I know this might not be what you want to hear
I've never made a better friend, within a year
I still love you, you honestly changed my life


Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman. said...

jesse, i love you too. though you confuse me something horrid. and honey dear, i never wanted to slit your throat. only my own, for being so human, so weak, and so mortally flawed. i can't help the envy that god bestowed in me, it is a curse that all men possess (only women seem to wear it more plainly). i did my best to control my thoughts and tongue, but when you asked me, i could do nothing but tell the truth, out of my love for you. i could not lie. for even more confusing than your self, are the feelings i have for you, and let that be a statement of such profound nature that you could in some fine way find pity for me and the hypocrisy that breeds within me. forgive me then, dearest jesse.
i never meant to be the Paris to stand between you and your Juliet, but as fate would have it of me, so i became. i had no grounds on which to fight, but my heart still clutcheth to an ideal long dead, so i fought for nothing but the truancy of romance. and also, you did a horrible job of disguising this, the ruse was abandoned within the third stanza alone. you could afford to be more obscure, if it is comments like these that you are looking to avoid. (oh, and a note about the allusion, unlike Paris, I would have been fighting for you, not annie. just so you're not confused, and just sos i'm not accused of homosexuality. carry on now love.)

Anonymous said...

You always write so eloquently and feel so deeply. I love you Jess.

Anonymous said...

The way you express your self is truly eloquent. You understand how you feel better than most people. And that is truly a blessing, all but one that hurts at times.