Monday, November 17, 2008

Captain's Log I

Come Along Companion, We're Running To Help
The Ship Is In Seaweed, We're Tangled In Kelp
Our Bow Is Cracking, The Mas Has Crushed
10 Of My Men, The Others Had Rushed
To The Starboard Side, The Ship Had Swayed
The Bow Already Snapped, It Turned Concave
We All Ran Back And Balanced The Ship
But The Damage Was Done, The Crack Had Split
The Splinters They Scattered, Like A Cannon Ball Burst
And The Men They Were Wounded, All But 3 Were Hurt
Me, The Young Deck Swab, And Bitter Old Goldbloom
We Drifted On Wood, Through The Light Of The Moon
We Stayed Up Through The Night, The Shock Was Too Great
And We Got To Shore, But It Was Too Late
The Deck Swab Wouldn't Move, He Laid Silent And Still
We Thought, He Was Living, We Thought He Didn't Get Killed
The Boy He Was Gone, Damn A Splinter In The Back
Of His Leg We Didn't Notice, It Was Knowledge We Lacked
So He Bled In The Sea, And Didn't Seem To Mention
The Bleeding Wound In His Leg, Creating Painful Tension
This Bastard Wooden Knife, Caused His Demise
When All He Needed To Tell, Was A Word To The Wise
He Looked At Me, And He Shook His Head
He Tried To Be Wise, But He Only Said
He Could Have Saved His Life, If He Pulled Up His Boot
Goldbloom The Bastard, That Bearded Old Coot


Josh said...

Wow! You posted a knew one! I was worried your computer crashed or something! Oh well. That was a good one! Excellent Job!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing Jess!

Anonymous said...

Love it Jess, you know I have a very strong connection to the sea and to sailing. Your mom and I think I was a British Sailor from the 1700's in a previous life.

Anonymous said...

Oh there's no "thinking" about it, he definitely was... and I was a siren, LOL!